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New continuous churning counter-top batch freezer

Cubo 2 is the new continuous churning counter-top batch freezer.

It allows to freeze mixes of gelato or sorbet, by combining cooling and stirring, until the typical semi-solid consistency of a traditional gelato is reached. Besides, the machine is able to maintain the product structure for an indefinite time, directly in the batch freezer cylinder.


It is possible to refill the cylinder with fresh liquid mix as the product is sold. During the storage mode, the user simply needs to add the liquid mix and restart the freezing process. The machine will reactivate the program to bring the gelato back to the original consistency, taking a 60% shorter freezing time compared to the first batch. Then, the machine will automatically go to storage mode.


The night mode, that can be set by using a timer, allows to turn off automatically any batch freezing/ storage cycle so to keep the temperature in the cylinder like a refrigerator. This will ensure that the gelato mix stays at a positive temperature during the night, without any hygienic or health risks.


  • Continuous churning and mix refill
  • 11 personalized recipes
  • Night mode
  • Inverter: it adjusts the motor speed to better control the gelato consistency
  • App for the remote control of the machine


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