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Who We Are

SUVITA was founded in Portugal in 1993 by, two Brazilians guys with business in Europe since 1988, especially in Holland. SUVITA, headquartered in Maia, backed the development of the ice cream sector in the country, including the autonomous regions of Madeira and Azores.


At that time the ice cream consumption in our country was quite low, but, thanks to the good work done over the years and the quality of our products, together with assistance and strong support given to our customers and business partners, consumption has been sustainably increasing, allowing for the consolidation of company.


Initially Suvita focus the concept of soft ice cream and later, in all sorts of concepts and solutions for the ice cream shops.


The company offer a integrated solution to his costumers as Equipment’s, products, service, and maintenance. And we think that this is the key of our success.


Maintaining partnerships with the biggest and best brands of products, among which FABBRI, a centenary Italian company, that is also a family company, equipment including Cattabriga founded in 1927, the brand that created the first vertical ice cream production machine, and some other brands detailed below.


Since its foundation, Suvita has been experiencing a steady growth in the market, having the best range of products and solutions in the area of the ice cream parlour, which makes the company an important and mandatory reference in this business area.


It is with great satisfaction that company officials claim that the Suvita concepts is based on quality, profitability, fast depreciation of investment, low maintenance costs, a compromise to the quality and ensuring technical assistance services, advertising and weekly orders.



Evolution of the Image



“To be a reference company, recognized as the best option for customers, employees, community and suppliers, for the quality of our products, services and relationship.”



Support the sustained growth of our customers and the ice cream parlours in Portugal being the supplier of reference in the sector, ensuring services such as:


·         Selection of high-quality products and profitability;

·         Superior performance and technology equipment;

·         Technical assistance;

·         Knowledge sharing.

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